Bellini & Bellintea: Cupboard Cocktails

Bellini & Bellintea: Cupboard Cocktails

The Bellini is perhaps the definitive Prosecco cocktail. Invented by Giuseppe Cipriani (the owner of Harry’s Bar, Venice) in 1948, the drink was named after Giovani Bellini – a 15th Century painter whose work Cipriani much admired. Apparently the pink glow of the newly created drink reminded him of a toga worn by a saint in one of Bellini’s paintings.

June is the beginning of peach season in Italy, and Cipriani made use of the abundant white peaches of Veneto to make a puree that was mixed with Prosecco and hey presto, a timeless classic was born.

If you have white peaches available then these will give wonderful aromatics and freshness to your peach puree. However, the most flavoursome peaches I can get hold of locally are tinned, which will still give us a great drink, but also save us some faff when it comes to blending.

You can make an easy alcohol-free version of the Bellini using Noughty in place of Prosecco. However, we’ve also created an alcohol free twist on the classic using basil, peach and raspberry green tea, and Noughty. The Bellintea. Enjoy!



Tin of peaches/4 ripe white peaches


Bellini Method

Empty the tin of peaches into a blender and puree. If using fresh peaches then wash, remove the stones, then blend.

Pour 50ml of peach puree into a flute

Top up with Prosecco or Noughty for an alcohol free version



50ml ‘It’s All Peachy’ Raspberry & Peach Tea

4-6 Basil leaves

1 teaspoon of sugar


Bellintea Method

Put the tea, sugar and basil in a shaker and muddle

Add ice and shake

Strain into a flute glass and top up with Noughty (or Prosecco if you prefer)

Garnish with a basil leaf