Cherry Bombshell

Cherry Bombshell

1 kirsch-soaked cherry
1 Champagne flute
1 tbsp kirsch
Disaronno amaretto
Thomson & Scott Prosecco or Noughty


Put a kirsch-soaked cherry at the bottom of a champagne flute and add 1 tbsp kirsch. Top with one part Disaranno amaretto and three parts Thomson & Scott Prosecco to Noughty for a non-alcoholic version.


Our good friends at The Singer Tavern in Farringdon, London have created this deliciously simple cocktail that demonstrates how versatile Thomson & Scott Prosecco can be when used in a cocktail.  We’re all about credit/debit, so if you like to sweeten your cocktails with spirits and liquors, it’s good to know you’re also adding in an organic, vegan Prosecco that contains 0.7g of sugar per litre compared with the traditional Prosecco sugar contain that is twice that amount.