Channel 4 says Skinny Champagne is Genius Idea!

Channel 4 says Skinny Champagne is Genius Idea!

Channel 4's Food Unwrapped wantd to find out why we created Skinny Champagne and if there was any truth in the idea that most Champagne and sparkling wine has hidden sugar. Our answer was, "yes, there is... along with a lot of other stuff you don't know about!"

The team visited our Champagne maker's vineyard in Verzy this year to capture the harvest and understand why we created Skinny Champagne.

They met with our vineyard manager Marian who showed the team how the grapes are harvested, pressed and then placed on the lees to turn into our delicious Grand Cru Champagne with no sugar added during the production process.
Low calorie Champagne?

Most Champagne receives a 'dosage' or sugary formula that tricks up the flavour of the wine, masking any imperfections in the grape and making a lot of cheaper wine more palatable. Some sweeter Champagne can contain up to 30g+ of sugar - the equivelant to 8+ teaspoons of hidden sugar.

The programme said "The genius idea here is that by slipping on a new low calorie Champange, they've invented a brand new market for their fizz!"

You can watch the whole programme <a href="">HERE</a> to get an in-depth look at our production process or get a taster below.