Keep Those Corks Popping

Keep Those Corks Popping

As a recent Daily Telegraph article argues, traditionalists have long looked down on screwtops used instead of corks. Fans argue that screwtops preserve wine for longer, and unlike corks won’t rot and taint the wine they are supposed to be protecting.

As far as Thomson & Scott Skinny Champagne and Skinny Prosecco is concerned, a screwtop wouldn’t keep in those precious bubbles – and any sparkling wine is only half the story without them. And as importantly, we believe, is the ceremony, the pizzazz, the sheer party sound of a cork in full flight.

A survey by a team at Oxford University has proved that we’re more likely to enjoy a glass of wine if it is poured from a bottle with a cork (rather than from a corked bottle, which is, of course, something very different). Yet another example of the snobbery that’s so often found in the wine industry, but for once we’re on the side of the old guard.

The debate will continue, but at Thomson & Scott we like our bubbles having a soundtrack. We’ve never said we’re about diet Prosecco or low-calorie champagne, but call it Disco Prosecco and we’re all over it.

Published: 02/10/2017