Party of Small Business? Now's The Time to Prove It says The Times

Party of Small Business?  Now's The Time to Prove It says The Times

As an entrepreneur working to build an international brand, I was horrified to hear that the UK government was considering shutting down the Entrepreneurs' Relief in the next budget.

Entrepreneurs create, grow and sell businesses to then invest in new ventures.  They don't just swan off to the nearest golf course or retire to Florida.  It's not in their nature. 

But without the benefits of being able to reap the rewards they deserve for the years of hard toil, there's far less incentive for many to get into the entrepreneur space.  And less for potential investors looking to support and grow great British businesses from small acorn ideas.

So I was delighted to wake up this morning to find a whopping great photo of me in the front of The Times Business Section.  An important (and well-timed) news feature from Enterprise Editor James Hurley was below looking at the main issues that entrepreneurs hope will be addressed in Sajid Javid first budget as chancellor.

As I say in the article, the relief has been misrepresented as a perk for the rich.  It's a vital incentive that recognises the risk and sacrifices involved in growing a company.  Entrepreneurs go all out to build their companies, often without a Plan B.  

We've sent a petition to Government, both directly and via Steve Brine MP, to ask HM Treasury and the chancellor to reconsider a total abolition in favour of a system that continues to support growing small businesses like Thomson & Scott.

Fingers crossed our voice is heard.

Sign the petition HERE!

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