Aussie Sober Sommelier Champions Noughty Down Under

Aussie Sober Sommelier Champions Noughty Down Under

Sober sommelier Sarah Connelly was asked to give her list of the best alcohol-free options for those seeking to temper their alcohol intake. She smartly selected Noughty is her go-to fizz.

Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay

She says, "if nothing else having a decent non-alcoholic sparkling will put you top of the list for celebrations of all kinds, from baby showers to 80th birthdays and everything in between. Most group gatherings these days have a few non-drinkers. Do them a favour, help them feel included and catered for, and offer them a glass or bottle of bubbles they can enjoy. Top pick – Noughty. It’s delicious, dry and bubbly! Also looks great and can be sold for an affordable but profitable price.

We can't argue with that!

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