Thomson & Scott Launches Noughty Rosé Alcohol-Free Sparkling

Thomson & Scott Launches Noughty Rosé Alcohol-Free Sparkling

In 2019 British entrepreneur Amanda Thomson launched NOUGHTY Chardonnay, the first alcohol-free organic, vegan sparkling chardonnay with almost half the sugar content of traditional alcohol-free sparkling wines, carving out a new segment of the drinks market. This spring she is revolutionising the drinks industry again to produce Noughty Rosé alcohol-free organic, vegan sparkling.

Noughty Rosé is produced with 100% organic Tempranillo grapes from southern Spain and dealcoholised using historic patented methods, which create a delicious, crisp and fresh wine without any unnecessary sugar or artificial flavours or aromas.  It is vegan and Halal certified.

The average sugar content of an alcohol-free sparkling wine has around 10-12g of sugar per 100ml (120-130 calories), Noughty Rosé has only 5.9g of sugar, that is just 18 calories!

Noughty Chardonnay contains half the sugar of traditional alcohol-free sparkling wines and is also certified organic, vegan and Halal.  If that wasn’t enough to tempt you it is already being stocked in Waitrose and hailed by some of the world’s top critics as “hands down the best alcohol-free sparkling” -, “tasty” - New York Times, “Inspired” - Stylist, and “In short, when it comes to booze-free-fizz, Noughty is as close to the real thing as we’ve found” – The Independent.

‍Like its cousin, Noughty Rosé is not just a perfect bottle for designated drivers, weight watchers or tee-totallers - this is a drink for everyone and a must-have in the fridge for celebrations, Tuesdays, good days and bad days. The premium branding, superior quality and taste set Noughty apart, not just from its low alcohol competitors but their alcoholic counterparts. Ultimately, it is the alternative to Champagne.

“Consumers are drinking less, not just millennials and Generation Z but across the board” says Thomson. “They are looking for delicious lower sugar organic options without compromising on flavour or style. We have taken on the alcohol-free sector to show that drinks don’t have to be alcohol to be rock ‘n’ roll.”

The global non-alcoholic market is anticipated to reach an estimated $1.6 trillion by 2025 according to Grand View Research* as sales of non-alcoholic drinks continue to explode.

Vegan and halal certified alcohol-free

Thomson highlights that “we challenge the sugar in our food but not in our drinks. Wine brands currently don’t even have to tell you how much residual sugar is in the bottle let alone how much they have added to balance out the acidity during production.”

The first limited allocation of Noughty Rosé launches in the UK on 1 May at and selected national retailers including Ocado, Amazon, Waitrose and Harvey Nichols for £9.25. Get your hands on this summer’s must-have drink while you can.

Noughty Rosé is available nationwide on and at