US Trade Magazine FSR Namechecks Noughty

US Trade Magazine FSR Namechecks Noughty

Full Service Restaurant Magazine has picked up on the exploding trends of nonalcoholic options across the bar and restaurant business and name checks Thomson & Scott Noughty as a go-to brand.

A new study looking at the non-alcoholic wine market across the globe estimated to grow to a $4.5 million valuation by 2031.

Citing Ruby Warrington’s book Sober Curious from where the increasingly popular phrase is being used, the report recognised consumer attitudes towards drinking were changing to implement more balance and to protect mental health and wellbeing by understanding and becoming more aware of the damage alcohol can do to us.

The study encompassed 10,000 young people and was conducted at the University College London and concluded that abstaining from alcohol had become far more an accepted practice amongst younger consumers and that 29 percent of 16 to 24 year olds had classed themselves as non-drinkers.

It also recognised that the change was not only occurring amongst the younger demographic but that older people were also becoming far more concerned about their alcohol intake.

The article stated - “with mindful drinking becoming popular, global beverage manufacturers are looking into alternatives, and several others have emerged to create alcohol-free beverages that would fit in with a trendy cocktail menu. For instance, it is expected that non-alcoholic wine manufacturers claiming to be environmentally friendly will proliferate over the coming years.”

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