A Sweat Life, Leading US Fitness Site Praises Noughty

A Sweat Life, Leading US Fitness Site Praises Noughty

A Sweat Life Created by Jeana Anderson Cohen in July 2012 - she says she was "bored senseless" with her regular workout schedule.  She began to try out various gyms across the city of Chicago and review them for others looking for a refresh to their fitness routines.

A Sweat Life's philosophy is to help readers "live their happiest, healthiest, most connected lives – through content and community."

The site reviews all kinds of aspects of health and well-being - from food to beauty, relationships to the latest workout trends.

A Sweat Life gives an insight this month into 7 nonalcoholic wines and spirits you can enjoy.

Jeana says "Health benefits aside..., serving nonalcoholic wines and spirits makes you a better host. Let’s be honest here— no one wants to toast with water."

Of Noughty aSweatLife.com says: "“Noughty is an alcohol-removed wine brand with two flavors available, sparkling Chardonnay and Rosé. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of Chardonnay in general, I was surprised at how much I loved this one. It has a bit of a bite as does the rosé. So for the average person who likes wine but doesn’t consider themselves a connoisseur— it’s almost a perfect swap.

"The rosé is just as good as the Chardonnay. It’s incredibly refreshing without being too sweet. I also love how both of these come in a festive 750ml bottle, so you can easily gift them or have them out at parties this holiday season. Both wines are less than 20 calories a glass and low in sugar. Better yet, they’re vegan and organic.”