Amanda talks to The Greedy Vegan Georgia Symonds!

Amanda talks to The Greedy Vegan Georgia Symonds!

In her latest podcast for her series Catch Ups In My Kitchen with Greedy Vegan, Georgia Symonds interviews Noughty creator and Thomson & Scott Founder/CEO Amanda Thomson.

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In this episode Georgia tries our delicious Noughty sparkling whilst discussing the wine industry.

They start by discussing vegan and organic wine and what that means, and then move on to discuss how it is becoming more of a trend not to drink.

There was once a time where you may have felt pressured to have a glass of wine but now people are accepting your decision to say "No."

However, whilst you may be avoiding a headache the next day, you may still want something similar and this is where Noughty comes in. 

Amanda and Georgia discuss the following topics:

- Her upbringing on a plant-based diet
- Why she started Noughty and how she went about the process
- Her relationship with alcohol and how you can drink both alcoholic and non-alcoholic 
- How different places around the world have different relationships with alcohol
- How non-alcoholic options mirror plant-based with regards to you want it to mimic something alcoholic so you feel included in a social situation

Enjoy listening!

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