Becoming a B Corporation Has Been a Mountain Worth Climbing

Becoming a B Corporation Has Been a Mountain Worth Climbing

As a business, Thomson & Scott has always been about asking questions. What goes in our food and drink? Why are there so few female CEOs? And can you get glass bottles delivered without wrapping them in a sleeping bag-sized amount of bubble wrap? Perhaps it’s founder Amanda Thomson’s background as a journalist, but the ‘why, why, WHY?’ is simply part of our DNA.


As well as the ‘eureka’ moment when Amanda discovered that sparkling wine could be made with minimal or no added sugar, and absolutely no chemicals, was the breakthrough when we realised as a business that we had a natural affinity with brands with B Corp status. Like walking into a party and instantly finding a rapport with someone and then discovering that they share your interest in wild swimming/street food/sky high heels, B Corp businesses just seemed interesting.


Once we discovered what a certified B Corp enterprise was – namely, a business that redefines success by setting out to balance profit with being a force for good – we couldn’t wait to sign up. Just a quick look at the standards that a B Corp business takes as its own standards was enough for us - elevating and supporting women in the workplace; working to the highest standards of social and environmental performance and voluntarily meeting the highest standards of accountability, performance and transparency. As Thomson & Scott was literally built with a campaign for listing ingredients in wine on the label, we couldn’t have been more at home with B Corp ideals.


Getting B Corp accreditation though takes more than just a wish to join the gang. Over a period of many, many months we had to actively show that we were a business that meant business when it comes to its ethics and sustainability. We worked on our long terms plans to become carbon neutral, listed our organic and vegan credentials, and showed the many ways in which founder Amanda Thomson has mentored and empowered women in business.


March 2020 is B Corp Month, and Thomson & Scott is thrilled to have been accredited in time to celebrate along with so many businesses that we consider heroes. While there is no Planet B, you could say that B Corp is very much trying to protect the one we’ve got – while enjoying it to the max at the same time.

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