Brits Lose It When the Sun Comes Out…

Brits Lose It When the Sun Comes Out…

Cut off jeans… too soon?

We can only apologise to anyone who doesn’t live in the UK. Our over-excitement about seeing some sunshine has reached such epic levels that the Thomson & Scott team is debating whether it’s acceptable to wear cut-off jeans to meetings and wondering if balancing a BBQ on a windowsill in central London is against health and safety regs.

Water Fountain Curtain London

It’s been a very long, very cold, very wet, and very snowy winter here. If you’re thinking, ‘What’s new?’ we can only say that it’s been worse than usual. Just ask meteorologists, gardeners and BBQ fans who all agree that the British spring has arrived at least two weeks later than usual.

And, true to Thomson & Scott form, we are being very positive and keen to bask in the golden glow.

Obviously, Prosecco is a drink to savour any time of year, but there is something especially gratifying for Vitamin D-starved Brits to be able to drink it outside.

Our first alfresco tip is to visit the Dalloway Terrace. This gorgeous little flower-decorated restaurant with terrace is part of London’s The Bloomsbury hotel and is a haven of calm. We go there for Thomson & Scott Prosecco (obviously), and for a menu that includes extensive Juicery options and Shakshuka eggs on toast.

Not everyone can make it to London, or indeed to Boston in the US, but if you do go there you have got to visit the rooftop bar at Yotel. We launched there last year and it is located in this great value and chic hotel located in a very cool neighbourhood.

Our second alfresco tip doesn’t involve a major city. It’s all about what we are calling FUCKS BIZZ.

Yup, you read correctly. We love what we call ‘healthy hedonism’, and always watch what we eat and drink very carefully, our rationale being that we’d rather have a small amount of something that’s fabulous quality than a vast amount of something riddled with E numbers and pointless sugar. The all-you-can-eat buffet tends NOT to be our friend. So we urge you to think before you mimosa things up.

Simply adding a gloop of concentrated, over-sweetened fruit juice to a glass of Thomson & Scott Prosecco does not a health drink make. Instead, choose carefully and mix it up with something that genuinely hits a one of your five-a-day.

Mush up some blueberries.  Swirl in some orange zest and a shot of freshly squeezed juice. You could even use one of Pack’d frozen smoothie kits. These are frozen pouches with fruit and benefits – by which we mean the addition of flax seed, spirulina, maca or cacao (though we’re not convinced that cacao goes with sparkling wine, but feel free to prove us wrong!).

We’ll return to our FUCKS BIZZ options in further posts, and hope you’re out enjoying the sunshine wherever you are in the world.

Published: 18/04/2018