By Cornwall, That’s Good

By Cornwall, That’s Good

By Cornwall, That’s Good June 7, 2017 Congratulations to Cornwall. Tucked away on the toe of Britain, it’s sometimes overlooked by the rest of Britain as solely a much-loved summer holiday destination. Or windswept location for Poldark. Or surf-cool capital of the UK. All impressive claims to fame, but excitingly the county has created recent headlines because of the quality of its produce. And we’re not talking pasties and clotted cream teas (delicious though both undoubtedly are).

Earlier this year Cornwall took Best Gin In Show at the San Francisco World Spirits competition, beating 268 entries in its category. Tarquin’s Cornish Navy Seadog, produced near Padstow with 57% ABV. This remarkably smooth spirit displays clear provenance and dedication to duty on the part of its makers – only 220 bottles are made with every batch.

This month Danibole, a vineyard located on south-facing slopes in the River Camel valley, became the first single vineyard in Britain to be awarded international Protected Designation Origin (PDO) status. This recognises that its grapes, used to create Camel Valley Darnibole Bacchus, possess a unique quality, consistency and character – a sense of place, if you like.

As I’m often asked if my Skinny Prosecco comes from Italy and my Skinny Champagne Grand Cru and Rosé are made in France. So yes, my wines absolutely come from Italy (Soligo, in the prestigious Treviso province) and France (Verzy, Champagne). If they didn’t, I couldn’t legally use Prosecco and Champagne on my labels.

What’s in a name, in this situation, is extremely important. Provenance is vital, and I celebrate it wherever I find it, so much so that dealing with the red tape that awards my own products DOC and Grand Cru status puts a smile on my face.

Camel Valley Darnibole Bacchus is a still wine, created with 100% bacchus (how apt!) grapes. Exciting news – I hope to create my very own Skinny English.

In the meantime I’ll be heading to Cornwall as much as possible to enjoy officially the world’s best G&T, a glass of Bacchus, and a bottle of Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco or Skinny Champagne by the beach. We’re now being sold in Fistral Beach Bar, Newquay and St Ives House, St Ives, and couldn’t be happier about an excuse to go West!

Published: 07/06/2017