We speak to Cobi's in Santa Monica, Pairing Its Menu with Noughty Non-Alcoholic Wine

We speak to Cobi's in Santa Monica, Pairing Its Menu with Noughty Non-Alcoholic Wine

Cobi's offers a tempting Southeast Asian menu. This restaurant is stunning, with its pink exterior and green trim making it stand out on the streets of Santa Monica. On the inside the frilly and floral interior paired with fantastic service will leave you completely charmed.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Mars de Asis, the general manager of Cobi's, who suggested pairing Noughty Sparkling Rosé with the butter chicken. "The blend of tomato masala and creamy butter chicken complements the savory notes of the Noughty Rosé, creating a delectable combination."

We also discussed the perfect beach snacks since Cobi's is conveniently located on Santa Monica beach, making it an ideal spot to watch the sunset.

How important to you has it been to include your guests in the wine experience no matter whether they drink alcohol or not? 

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible diner experience for our guests.  This includes the beverage component and being able to give our guests NA wine options ensures that all our guests can participate in that aspect of dining with us.

Can you walk us through a signature dish you're known for? 

One of our fan favorites is our Kanpachi, which is in the Crudo section of our dinner menu. This dish is a dry-aged amberjack that sits on a coconut dressing topped with lime leaf oil, finger limes, and leek ash.

It's extremely refreshing - the finger limes provide a nice burst of citrus, and is a nice precursor to the complexity of flavors that you will experience for the rest of the dinner.

What’s one ingredient always worth spending that little bit extra on? 

Hearing the word ingredient immediately brings my mind to food, however when I think of the Cobi's experience I consider all aspects of dinner to be ingredients. This includes the aesthetics, the service, the beverage, and the food. So in my eyes, everything is always worth spending a little extra on if it results in a positive guest experience.  Though, the accounting team may not always agree!

What’s your favourite Noughty wine pairing, and why?

Sparking Rosé with the butter chicken. The tomato masala and creaminess of the butter chicken pairs nicely with the savoriness of Noughty Sparkling Rosé. The refreshing acidity in the rosé nicely cuts through the richness of the butter chicken.

What’s your favourite post service cuisine and where do you go for it?

I am spoiled because my mother lives with me.  She is retired now and worked in restaurants as well.  So when I go home I have a fridge full of Filipino food and enjoy sitting on my couch to wind down from a busy service.

It’s sunset and you are headed down to the beach, what are you bringing to drink and eat?

It is pretty convenient that Cobi's is just a few steps from the beach.  I would definitely swing by Cobi's to get a bottle of sparkling wine, some curry puffs, papaya salad, and pandan shaved ice.

Last year you received the Bib Gourmand award.  What’s next for Cobi’s?

The most important step we'll take as Cobi's moving forward will be to continue to grow, yet stay humble.  We've been open for a little more than two years and it's been a wild ride.  Between the accolades, building our community of regular guests and introducing our cuisine to first timers, my intent is to keep Cobi's elevating while staying true to the authentic Cobi experience.  That when you walk into the little pink house on the corner of Bicknell & Main, you are our guest and our priority is to make you feel welcome, taken care of, and walk out feeling like it was the best meal of your life.