Five Reasons You Need Thomson & Scott Sparkler Rosé Cans

Five Reasons You Need Thomson & Scott Sparkler Rosé Cans


The new Thomson & Scott Sparkler Rosé is launching in the UK. This 200ml can of organic, vegan, naturally frizzante wine has already been branded the #drinkofthesummer, and we like to think it’s a bit of a game-changer.

Obviously, it tastes great, but the difference is in the packaging. It’s in a can, and it will rock your world this summer and beyond in the following ways.


100% recyclable

  • See you again soon! Aluminium cans are 100% recyclable, and the entire process from bin to refill, to waiting on store shelves takes only six weeks. It takes a lot longer to grow Thomson & Scott grapes organically and blend them using vegan production methods, so we’re pretty pleased that at least one stage of the production process is speedy

Alfresco bubbles

  • Alfresco bubbles are always in fashion, but you probably don’t need to spend too much time under canvas to appreciate that glass and camping aren’t always the best of friends. Meet the can. It won’t get smashed, even if you will…

Festival friendly

  • Glastonbury, T in the Park and Download Festival all allow party-goers to bring their own alcohol. None of them allow glass, anytime and anywhere. Which makes a contest between warm cider in a plastic bottle, or a chic little can of Thomson & Scott Sparkler Rosé, a bit of a foregone conclusion.

Chilled out in your fridge

  • Crowded Fridge. You’re a generous host whose guests appreciate your well-stocked fridge. Until a glass bottle rolls out and smashes over the kitchen floor. Cans make life a lot more chilled, in more ways than one.

Park life and Garden Parties…

  • Park life and garden parties. Why lug heavy bottles when a can is a lightweight (not in alcohol terms – the Thomson & Scott Sparkler Rosé is 10%ABV)?

And your Sixth Bonus Reason…

  • And a sixth bonus reason. Your drink is cool and so are you. What’s inside is what counts, but there’s no denying the Thomson & Scott Sparkler Rosé can is a gorgeous little work of art.