Here’s a blatant plug!

Here’s a blatant plug!

At Thomson & Scott, we’ve been talking a lot about our anti-plastic stance and our 100% recyclable packaging. But we haven’t talked much about our most eco-friendly asset. We’re talking the corks used to seal our bottles.

The ultimate in green packaging, cork is made from bark that can be removed from cork trees without damaging them. Although it eventually biodegrades, natural corks are taken away by normal recycling schemes. So you can either compost your corks, shred them, use as a mulch (orchids love little bits of cork, apparently) or use for craft projects.

And with the last option you’ll have almost as much fun making the project as you had drinking the bottles of wine in the first place.


How about making a wreath, a pin-board or name place holders? And if your cork is printed with the name of the vineyard where the wine was produced there will be lots of little trips down chateau-memory-lane in your future. You can also drop corks off to be recycled at considerate and caring establishments around the UK. One of the best is Billingtons of Lenzie, which is Glasgow’s first and only cork recycling site. It also happens to be the first location in Glasgow to buy Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco!

Donate your used corks and for every cork collected, Recorked UK donates a percentage to nominated charities. Recorked UK also supplies free corks to charities and schools to use in projects.

Published: 22/01/2018