Noughty Gets Glowing Review from INSIDER

Emma Taylor presents Noughty on the table as part of her blind taste taste on six alcohol-free wines

Major international publication INSIDER has given Thomson & Scott Noughty a glowing 4/5 review online as part of its taste test of six alcohol-free wines.

Emma Taylor who wrote the feature and conducted the test began with a headline that made us jump for joy - "I taste tested 6 nonalcoholic wines, and while the whites and reds weren't close to the real thing, the sparkling wine was surprisingly good"

Praising Noughty for its ability to convince her it was an alcoholic wine.  "It was exactly what I would pick from a selection of sparkling wines if I thought they were alcoholic, " she says.

The review goes on to flatter us:

This is such a great product if you're hankering for a glass of non-alcoholic bubbles. The bottle and label looked amazing, and it also gave a satisfying "pop" when the cork was taken out. 

Amazing to be part of such a prestigious publication!