Noughty Rouge Arrives in France- And The Response Is Surprising!

Noughty Rouge Arrives in France- And The Response Is Surprising!

Noughty Rouge Dealcoholized red wine has arrived in France - and the response is surprising...

When you think about France, you naturally think about wine.  The international perception of France is that wine most likely runs from the taps in every household.

The nation's wealth is partly built on it and its reputation for being expert in the nuances of winemaking surpass all others.

So imagine our delight when, in the heart of the French countryside steeped in traditional vineyards and ageing bottles of delicious local vin, we found Noughty Rouge being celebrated as a new addition to French palates.

La Cave Parallele in Nantes is a non-alcoholic bottle ship run by Jérôme Cuny.  

"For personal reasons, I haven't drunk alcohol for several years and I often felt on the margins of festive moments partly because of the way others looked at it but also because my drink was not festive," he says.  "However, quality alternatives exist but I have noticed that obtaining them easily remains complex."

The idea of ​​creating an alcohol-free store came from this: allowing all those who wish or need to moderate or stop their alcohol consumption to finally be able to do so easily and without giving up the pleasure of a drink with family and friends."

Jérôme has produced a short video introducing Noughty Rouge to his customers and followers online.

Watch it HERE >>

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