Noughty Sparkling Rosé is In Vogue - Literally!

Noughty Sparkling Rosé is In Vogue - Literally!

In this month's Vogue (US) food and drinks author Tamar Adler looks at the quick-paced growth of the non-alcoholic sector of the drinks industry and praises Noughty for being "festive and convincing" in its ability to ape its alcoholic cousins.

In her article "Has Everyone Stopped Drinking?" she analyses the category and tastes a number of offerings including Noughty with Natasha David, who Adler describes as a "bartending veteran of Maison Premiere, Mayahuel, and her own place, the Lower East Side’s recently closed Nitecap" who Adler says "spends her days concocting no- and low-alcohol drinks at her research and development lab in Red Hook, New York."

Adler says of Noughty - "Noughty Sparkling Rosé, made from organic Tempranillo grapes grown in La Mancha, uses a similar process to remove alcohol while retaining a wine’s fragrance in steam that is reintroduced, along with CO2, at the end. I find it festive and convincing (though it peters out a bit quickly)."

Tasted in very clean glasses that have been washed well, bubbles in Champagne and other sparkling wine including Noughty, will dissipate quickly.  This is because bubbles need a "nucleation point," an etched or microscopically rough surface on which bubbles can form.  Flutes are more effective at holding bubbles than wider glasses as the bubbles are released quicker.

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