Present & Sober Podcast: Amanda Thomson Gets Noughty AF

Present & Sober Podcast: Amanda Thomson Gets Noughty AF

"If you can sense that you're destined for more and curious about how alcohol might be holding you back, then Present and Sober is the podcast for you!"

Join hosts Sam and Ellie for their latest podcast and interview with Noughty founder Amanda Thomson.

This week we're joined by the amazing Amanda Thomson, CEO, and founder of 'Noughty' AF drinks (yes there is such a thing as alcohol-free wine that tastes good!) for a really interesting and important discussion. This isn't just about replicating taste and offering a tool for AF socializing, but also the opportunity to change the alcohol industry and society at large to the benefit of all! 

What You'll learn in this Episode:
  • Why Amanda decided to go on this amazing journey (2.00+)
  • The challenge and science behind making a good AF wine (10.00+)
  • What to expect from the exciting world of AF drinks (18.00)
  • The bigger opportunity here to make the world a better place 
  • Amanda's personal back story 
Click HERE to listen.

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