Cordon Bleu Podcast Interviews Noughty Creator Amanda Thomson

Amanda Thomson, the CEO and founder of Thomson & Scott Noughty non-alcoholic wine brand, spent 20 years of her life as a journalist before finally realizing her dream of becoming the world's leading non-alcoholic wine brand. She shares her experience of her valuable time at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and the ambition that makes her a creative entrepreneur.

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Fans of Netflix's Bridgerton Can Celebrate with a Queen Charlotte Noughty Cocktail at The Lanesborough Hotel

Anyone who is a fan of Netflix's gorgeously sumptuous period drama Bridgerton will know that it is set in what seems to be an eternal springtime.

What better way to celebrate its ostentatiousness than with a elegantly created afternoon tea at one of London's top hotels - The Lanesborough.  And what's more, along with an eye-watering array of stunning patisseries, is a delicious cocktail - The Queen Charlotte - made with Noughty Sparkling Rosé.

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