Think Pink

Think Pink

It’s Rosé time again! Pink wine pretty much has summer nailed, but don’t banish it the rest of the year. We’re not being badass – who doesn’t want extra sunshine in a February snowstorm? Rosé’s colour makes you think of sunsets, its taste of beaches and azure seas, and its vibe is all about only needing to worry about a screen when it’s got ‘sun’ in front of it.

What makes this particular wine so special? Search on social for #drinkofthesummer and you’ll find a lot of pink drinks. Sommeliers love it, beach babes and brides adore it, and it’s brilliant with brunch and delicious with dessert. This versatility is rosé’s not-so-secret power, and here are the top reasons to drink it this summer and forever.

  • Rosé drinks young. There’s often no messing around with ageing because most rosé wines are good to go after bottling. If you like it, chill it (rosé isn’t great warm) and enjoy. And you’ll be amazed how good it tastes next to a roaring fire or with a bowl of apple crumble when the days start to get chillier.


  • We all love brunch. And sommeliers agree that rosé is excellent with eggs. Not yolking (sorry), rose’s light structure doesn’t overpower les oeufs and its natural sweetness gives just enough of a jolt to the morning routine. Try it with a herby frittata, eggs en cocotte, and lots of strawberries.


  • What do Barrymore by Carmel and Chateau Miraval Rosé have in common? Both are rosé wines owned by major female celebrities. Thomson & Scott doesn’t have ‘follow celeb trend’ in its remit, but founder Amanda Thomson does love Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie. As we can assume both actors like the wine they produce, should Amanda ever meet the girls it will be quite the rosé party.


  • Rosé is cheerful. A glass of something sparkling will never put anyone in a bad mood, but add pink to the mix and you’re walking on sunshine.


  • And if you really do want to look like a badass order rosé year-round. Sommeliers in the know will nod approvingly, and wine snobs will be left feeling a little silly. You get a great drink and get to annoy a wine bore – a win win.

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