Understanding Calories In Prosecco

Understanding Calories In Prosecco

It’s well reported but often forgotten that alcohol contains a lot of empty calories. If you’re trying to lower your intake, then switching to slimline tonic with your gin won’t be as effective as cutting the gin altogether and enjoying the tonic water solo.  It’s sometimes a tough fact to swallow but alcohol = calories.

Not all drinks are a pick-n-mix puzzle you can deconstruct to cut calories, but luckily Thomson & Scott are on hand with an amazing Prosecco that avoids adding unnecessary sugar and is only 67 calories per 100ml glass.

A typical glass of Prosecco contains 80 calories, but what is a typical glass of Prosecco? The majority stocked by supermarkets, bars and restaurants are ‘Extra Dry’, which contain 12-17g grams of sugar per litre. Confusingly, Extra Dry is one level sweeter than Brut (6-12 grams of sugar per litre). Our organic, vegan Prosecco sits in the Brut category, with 7g of sugar per litre. This translates to 67 calories per 100ml glass, but to focus purely on the calorie count loses sight of more important things.

A growing number of us are cutting sugar from our diet where possible. The calorie count in our Prosecco is a symptom of the sugar avoidance approach to the winemaking process we take. Many of us unknowingly experience a sugar crash piggy backing on our hangover, which can make the cold light of morning so much worse. 

Brut Prosecco is brighter, fresher and cleaner on the palate than an Extra Dry variety, making it more food-friendly. The higher acidity will cut through.  Avoiding the unnecessary added sugar allows the true beauty and purity of fruit in our organic Prosecco shine through.

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