We’ve landed on Planet Organic

We’ve landed on Planet Organic

If you’re lucky you have lots of places outside your own house where you feel at home. Spaces where you can hang out and know you’re somewhere with a tangible vibe that is right up your street. Or down the road, in the case of the Thomson & Scott office and one of Planet Organic’s seven London supermarkets.

I just love Planet Organic.  It’s the UK’s largest fully certified organic supermarket chain, opened in 1995 by Renée Elliott. It was Elliott’s mission to bring the best and widest range of organic food, as well as a sense of discovery and adventure into food shopping.

As a vegetarian I love the choice on offer in this one-stop shop. I always find something inspirational, whether it’s protein balls to eat on the run, a full meal when I’m short of time, or organic, delicious smelling shampoo.

Planet Organic is now stocking Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco, sharing our belief in fabulous quality bubbles that are vegan and organic. Like everything on Planet Organic’s shelves Skinny Prosecco says no to artificial additives and anything GM. We like any food and drink we consume to be as natural as possible, and hope that Planet Organic will help Thomson & Scott’s campaign for labelling transparency.

There is currently no legal requirement in the UK to list the ingredients on alcoholic drinks, which means consumers have no way of knowing if their drink contains animal byproducts, let alone excess processed sugar and chemicals.

We hope to see you on the parallel universe that is Planet Organic soon. It’s like a more thoughtful, inspirational version of Planet Earth.

For information, visit www.planetorganic.com.


Published: 26/10/2017