Wine Enthusiast Lists Its 23 Best N/A Wines... Noughty is First (And the Rosé Also Gets A Listing!)

Wine Enthusiast Lists Its 23 Best N/A Wines... Noughty is First (And the Rosé Also Gets A Listing!)

Wine Enthusiast is one of the US's biggest and most influential wine magazines.  We were over the moon then to see its non-alcoholic list of wines feature Noughty in first position this month... and our Sparkling Rosé also make the list.

"There are many reasons to explore the modern non-alcoholic drinks space," says the magazines editors who compiled the list of 23 bottles.  "For one, these days the category is big business, which has resulted in an ever-expanding variety of products from NA wine to zero-proof spirits. There’s never been a better time to begin navigating these options, given the rise of NA bottle shops and sommeliers who are themselves going sober.

"One needn’t be completely abstinent from alcohol to enjoy NA drinks, although people—especially young adults—are increasingly taking that path. Perhaps you’re simply reevaluating your relationship with alcohol, or looking for a change of drinking pace. Whatever your reasoning, the fact remains that there are a ton of products to sort through.

"When it comes to NA wine, many drinkers have similar questions: What exactly are non-alcoholic wines? And how do you find the best ones? Read on for our simple guide to this expanding category, plus bottle recommendations from Wine Enthusiast professionals and fawning customer reviews."

For Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay the magazine took a review from its Wine Critic Emily Saladino. 

"This is my go-to bottle to bring to or serve parties all year long," she shares. "t’s crisp, refreshing and truly tastes like wine. Best of all, because it’s dealcoholized, everyone can enjoy it, whether they’re sober, cutting back or simply want something delicious in their glass."

Wine Enthusiast Tasting Director Anna-Christina Cabrales is a big fan of Noughty Sparkling Rosé.  She says - "Pop this bottle open for a special occasion or any night of the week. 

“Amanda Thomson, former BBC Arts Broadcaster and super wine aficionado designed Noughty AF with the wine connoisseur in mind,” Cabrales says.  "The texture and flavor are spot on, with lots of soft red berries, sweet spices and well-integrated acidity, making it a great aperitif or a versatile pairing."