Your Secret Santa Solutions Solved

Your Secret Santa Solutions Solved

There are only two ways to successfully do a Secret Santa:

1) Find the most hilarious, unusual, just-rude-enough game or gadget that hasn’t been done before, which means ‘no’ to the vibrating head massager, and ‘No, no, no’ to the novelty – I took part in Secret Santa and all I got was this s*** mug – mug.

2) Come up with something that will genuinely be loved.

Enter the Skinny Mini Prosecco.

Everything about this vegan, organic hit of bubbles says, ‘You have discernment, style and I actually like working with you.’

It’s a treat.  It’s fun.  It’s organic and vegan.  It’s, well, it’s a party in a bottle.  Not bad for just shy of £6.50 a pop (£38.99 for a Skinny Mini Six Pack).

And if you sign up today you’ll get 10% off your first purchase.  What’s not to like?


We’ll also help you company carbon footprint…

All our packing is made using only 100% recyclable materials, because we want to be as kind to the planet as we are to our tribe of Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco fans.