Derek Brown's Holidays Without the Hangover!

Derek Brown's Holidays Without the Hangover!

Non-alcoholic drinks expert Derek Brown has put together the perfect guide to help you navigate through the Holiday Season without the thumping headache and morning-after shame.  

Derek is offering to "teach the recipes and techniques that create memorable holiday drinks with or without alcohol, which attendees can make for their own holiday parties."

Classes include:

  • Ingredient list

  • Holiday no- & low-alcohol cocktail recipes and techniques

Holiday No & Lo Kit includes (usually a $115 value):

How to attend: Classes will be held online via Zoom. Choose between access to the class plus a kit with no- and lo-alcohol ingredients, or access to the class without the kit.

  • $164 - 1 Screen + Holiday No & Lo Kit

  • $65 - 1 Screen (no kit)

Email him to book this class for your friends, or company, via Zoom or in-person.

Early bird discount: Register before November 15th and receive a 15% discount.

Click HERE to sign up to one of his masterclasses.