Men's Journal Spotlights Noughty Alcohol-Free Wine

Matthew Kaner, wine writer, consonsultant and sommelier, has singled out Noughty Non-Alcoholic Wine to be his focus this month for Men's Journal.

Matthew gives his insight into Noughty saying it's "what to drink when you're not drinking but still want to be as Noughty AF..." which of course we love!

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Why Join Sober October?  It's Still Not Too Late!
Why Join the Sober October Movement?  There are many benefits to participating, the main one being the positive impact on your physical well-being.  Many studies have shown that cutting out alcohol for a month can lead to weight loss, improved sleep, better digestion, and increased energy levels...
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When Sugar Ain't So Sweet...
It's not only alcohol you have to consider in your Champagne, Prosecco and sparkling wine... it's also the hidden sugars that you need to know about.  The Noughty team take a look at the comparison between alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine sugar levels...
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The Pig Group of Hotels Launches Noughty Rouge Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

The Pig Group of Hotels, known for their luxurious accommodations and exceptional dining experiences, has recently introduced a new addition to their beverage menu - Noughty Rouge Non-Alcoholic Red Wine. This innovative creation is set to revolutionize the non-alcoholic beverage industry, offering a sophisticated and delicious alternative to traditional red wine.

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